I'm Kathleen. I'm a writer, filmmaker and web designer based in Toronto. Welcome to my portfolio site. Take a look around and be in touch if you like what you see. I believe in clean, elegant and accessible design and easy-to-read writing on the web. Maybe you do too.

Web Design

I specialize in attractive, responsive web design and web content creation for artists, restaurants and other small businesses.

Need professional looking web representation? Ask me for a quote.

A simple static site with multiple pages, an image gallery and a contact submission form. The client is a well-know Toronto artist with a huge fan base and periodically high profile. The site acts as a point of contact for those fans as well as providing news and press materials for media.

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This student assignment is basically tables turned into a calendar. I decided to add an animated sidebar canvas in which small drawings (made in Illustrator) appear and disappear when the days of the month are clicked. By the end of the month a final image honouring National Cat Day has been assembled.

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This site hosts some of my favorite recipes from varied online sources. It's my riff on a foodie blog but also a place to keep this material online and handy. It's made with HTML5 and CSS and a little bit of jQuery.

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I have been a writer for digital and print clients for more than 30 years. Currently, I write almost exclusively for online platforms – including NOW Toronto, Bressanté, Robotics Today, Calance IT and Bizzabo.

In addition to writing I also edit other writers’ work (both substantive and copy editing), ghost-write, and proofread – again for both print and digital clients.